Sheon Han


* Personal favorites in bold

Culture, Criticism, Essays

The Magic of Tiny-Home Videos — The New York Times Magazine
About my year of watching tiny-home videos on YouTube

When You No Longer Recognize Your Home Country — The Atlantic
On migratory grief—the phenomenon of mourning one’s homeland when it undergoes such severe changes that it’s no longer recognizable

Steven Yeun’s Perfect Accent in “Minari” — The New Yorker
On the film “Minari” and the experience of living as a non-native speaker in America

Every Immigrant Is in a Long-Distance Relationship — Catapult
A personal essay about my long-distance relationship

How Our Circles of Friendship Churn and Evolve Over Time — The Atlantic
Why is friendship so mysterious? My interview with the Oxford psychologist Robin Dunbar

When Literature Meets Philosophy — An Ode to Philosophical Science Fiction — The New Republic
A review of Philosophy Through Science Fiction Stories in praise of philosophical science fiction (despite the headline that might suggest otherwise!)

The Humanities: The Next Frontier for Korea’s Chaebol — Korea Exposé
On Starfield Library in Seoul

A Tale of Two Clubs — Nassau Weekly
On Princeton’s eating clubs: Ivy and Terrace

Life as Art — Nassau Weekly
A profile of the philosopher Alexander Nehamas and his meaning of the “good life”

Math, Science, Technology

How Do You Prove a Secret? — An Explainer on Zero-knowledge ProofsQuanta Magazine
On zero-knowledge proofs: A counter-intuitive proof technique to prove the truthfulness of a mathematical statement without revealing any “knowledge” used in the process

The Hidden History of Screen ReadersThe Verge
On blind programmers who have, for decades, created screen readers for the visually impaired community

How to Write Software With Mathematical PerfectionQuanta Magazine
Q&A with the Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport on distributed systems (e.g., Paxos consensus protocol, Byzantine faults), computer science education, formal verification, and LaTeX

The Reducetarian MovementTIME
A primer on the idea of “reducetarianism” (related TED Talk)